Mar Rodríguez

  • Full time Freelance Translator since 2002
  • Sworn (State-certified) Translator since 2004
  • Level of Education: Degree (BA) in English Philology, several Postgraduate courses (lasting one year or more) on Translation, Medical Translation, Specialized and other translations

See my complete CV here (in PDF, English-Spanish)


Claude Cooper

  • Freelance Translator from 2004 onwards
  • Level of Education: Degree (BA) in English and Spanish, several Postgraduate Diplomas (lasting one year or more) on Legal Translation Masters in Development and International Cooperation

See my complete CV here (in PDF, English-Spanish)



English into Spanish Translation

  • Medical (protocols for Clinical Trials, Medical Imaging and Medical Devices)
  • General: correspondence, notes (of all nature), newspaper and magazine articles...
  • legal general: contratos y textos generales
  • Sworn (in general): Contracts (agreements) and general texts
  • Travels and tourism
  • Classical music
  • Leather work and book-binding

Correction and edition of Spanish texts

(originals or translated [from English])

Originals (in Spanish): these are reread to verify correct spelling, fluidity, syntax and other aspects.
Translations: in addition to elements already indicated, the translated text is compared to its original version to ensure the accuracy of the translation (that the text is completely translated and that the meaning is as exact as possible)


Spanish into English Translation

  • Legal
  • Financial and General
  • Sworn
  • Classical music
For other fields or language combinations, we have a database of other professional translators who would readily render the necessary services.


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Fees vary depending on the difficulty of the texts and on the delivery timeframe.
After analyzing the text (send texts here) we will prepare a budget stating cost and reasonable delivery timeframe, latest within the next 24 hours.
Sworn Translations: €0.10/per word (original or final depending on the counting possibility), plus shipment cost, if applicable.*
Correction and Edition projects: €25 - 35 /per hour (considering that it takes about an hour to perfectly correct and edit one thousand words).
*Tax not included.
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Cuttington University Journal of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is a yearly publication that intends to collect writings, especially from West Africa, on literature, history and sociology and related fields.


Edition prepared by: Mar Rodríguez-Vázquez



Legal Notice

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E-mail Address:,

Telephone: +34 657 225 762

Postal Address: Post Office Box: 4118, 33213 Gijón, Asturias, Spain.

  • Please use a REAL email address so that we can get back to you.


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Cooming soon.
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